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Collegiate Eligibility FAQ

Questions please email:


Who is academically eligible for The Collegiate National Championships?


To be academically eligible, one must meet the following standards:

  1. The student must be an enrolled in a 2 or 4 year higher education institution.

  2. The student must be enrolled as a full-time student at the institution. This is determined by what his or her particular university considers full-time enrollment.

  3. The student must be in good academic standing at the institution (Must not be on academic probation).


What paperwork do I need to submit to verify collegiate eligibility?


Here are the most commonly used ways to show proof of eligibility. If you are unable to use any of these options, email and our eligibility officer will work with you.


  1. Generate Enrollment Verification through the National Student Clearinghouse. Scan and email verification documents to


All Universities are required to submit data through the National Student Clearinghouse. To gain information on how to receive enrollment verification, speak with the office of the registrar at your college/university.  


     2) Official Transcript: Receive an official transcript from the Office of the Registrar on campus, email a scanned copy to the following address:

I’m graduating this semester and taking below the number of credits to be considered full-time. Can I still compete?  


Graduating students will be eligible, as long as they are taking the amount of courses they need to graduate in the upcoming quarter/semester. However, most universities consider students in this situation FULL-TIME. Please check with your university to verify this.


In a situation where the college/university does not consider a graduating student as “full-time.” You be required to send documentation indicating that you have applied to graduate in Spring 2019.


Can I email or fax my documentation regarding eligibility?


Yes, this method is encouraged. Email


What happens if I do not submit my proof of eligibility?


All competitors must provide proof of their eligibility via email or during check-in at the championships. If you do not provide proof of your eligibility prior to the end of weigh-ins for your weight class, you will be considered ineligible to compete.


Is a school schedule enough to verify my eligibility?


No! Documentation verifying full-time status and good standing must be provided.

Questions please email:

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