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Founded in 2012, the club has grown in size from  10 members to over 100 members with  half of the members actively competing in powerlifting meets at local, national and international levels. In 2016 and 2017 both mens and womens team competed and went home as champions! The club has been very successful in getting people interested in the sport and elevating its field to the highest level. Most recently, the team competed at the 2023 Collegiate Nationals meet in Arlington Texas and the women's team took home 3rd place!  At this very meet many of our team members placed in the top 10! 

Here at Ohio State Powerlifting Club, we compete in the USAPL, a drug tested federation that uses only a power bar. Our men's and women's team have weekly practices typically on the weekends during the school year at Jesse Owen's North! Our members can choose to come and lift for fun with other teammates at practice and/or compete at any powerlifting meet they would like in any area  while representing Ohio State. 

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